012 What is happening within the jobs market right now?

With so many different official statistics and varied opinions about the jobs market, we decided to bring you an overview of what is really happening in the UK’s jobs market and where the opportunities are.  We talk to Belinda Johnson, founder of Worklab, who has for many years been deciphering government statistics, data and market intelligence into useful insights on the UK’s workforce.  This episode is essential listening for all UK job seekers who want to know:

  • What the latest official figures tell us;
  • What are the trends in employment rate and redundancies?
  • Are job vacancies really on the increase, and is it just for temporary placements?
  • Which sectors are growing, where are the bright spots?
  • What is the outlook for UK employment post-COVID?

Let this episode help you understand the trends, where there might be opportunities, and the longer term outlook.

About Belinda Johnson

Belinda’s business is a workforce market intelligence consultancy, so it’s her business to monitor and understand everything that is going on in relation to jobs and employment.  The UK’s workforce is constantly changing and evolving, it’s difficult to keep up – and that’s why Belinda enjoys her job!  You can contact her on social media here:


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