021 Help, I’m new to the jobs market and don’t know where to start!

We know that the pandemic has caused an increasing number of people to enter the jobs market unexpectedly, and we also know how overwhelming it can be to suddenly find yourself needing to find work.  For that reason we chatted to Maxine Hart from Wote Street People to create a podcast episode packed full of help and advice on how to get started.  We cover everything from working out what role might suit you, to structuring your application, and how to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Just a few of the top insights include:

  • Don’t write a CV until you know what job you’re applying for, and don’t just rewrite your job description, think about the evidence for what you did;
  • They’ve got to buy into you in the first half of the first page of your application, so your CV profile has got to be your brand, what are you going to bring that no-one else will;
  • Culture fit is essential and it doesn’t matter that you don’t suit all companies, it’s about choosing what will work for you;
  • Don’t allow a distraction (on your CV) to stop you being shortlisted – keep your CV precise and relevant to what they’re looking for.
  • Temporary workers are super-heroes!  You fly in, sort the problem and then disappear.

Some people might have been out of work for a while due to being furloughed, so we also spent some time discussing how to present gaps on CVs.  Similarly we also talked about how to sell yourself if you are someone that has closed your business and now back on the jobs market for the first time in years.  This really is a truly practical episode with lots of useful help that you won’t want to miss!


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About Maxine Hart

Maxine has some 20 years recruitment experience, and she loves it!  She is also a career practitioner, employability mentor at her schools education & business partnership and is a trustee at her local jobs club, so is the perfect person to help us today.  Maxine meets people of all backgrounds every day and is still interested in what they have to say about themselves.  You can contact Maxine here:


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