023 How To Start Your First Ever Job Search

It isn’t long before the summer holidays will be upon us, we got thinking about how on earth young people (school / college / university leavers) could get started on their first ever job search.  It’s a familiar quandary because employers often want experience, but coming straight from education people may not have work experience so where do they start?  We chatted with career coach Hannah Salton who shared her insights and loads of top tips including:

  • Start off by understanding yourself and what you want.  Don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole!
  • A lot of firms recruit trainees on potential rather than past performance, they don’t expect huge amounts of experience;
  • The easier it is to apply the more competition there is, whereas being targeted is much more likely to yield results;
  • Focus on what you can achieve and set goals that are within your control;
  • Networking is exciting, it’s just meeting new people and new opportunities.

This is an episode that is jam-packed full of practical advice specifically for people leaving education and taking their first step into employment.  It can seem monumental but it’s important to get started, especially as you can take small steps and build momentum.

About Hannah Salton

Four years ago, after 8 years working in HR & Graduate Recruitment for global corporations, Hannah followed her dream of becoming a career coach.  She had experienced both successes and setbacks during my career, and for many years Hannah didn’t think she would have the courage to make the career change – but she eventually did.

Using the experience of overcoming her own limiting beliefs, alongside her commercial recruitment experience, Hannah helps high-potential and motivated individuals understand their strengths and personal preferences, in order to put a structured plan in place to create their ideal career.

Contact Hannah on LinkedIn here:      Check out Hannah’s website here:


Book reference: ‘The Two Hour Job Search’ by Steve Dalton


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