024 Enjoy Pitching: Using Storytelling

This the second episode of a trilogy on enjoying pitching, and today we are focussing on using storytelling so that you can enjoy pitching.  We’re talking to Crocodile Wrestler Martin Barnes about how essential storytelling is to getting your message across – it’s not a luxury and shouldn’t be an afterthought.  We cover everything from planning how to use storytelling, to rehearsing and delivering your pitch.

Key takeaways include:

  • If you just present data, facts and figures they are meaningless without a story;
  • All a story is is a means of conjuring up images in peoples minds;
  • Place your audience at the heart of your story so it’s all about them from the beginning;
  • Use storytelling as a doorway in to explain the value of your data;
  • With good storytelling your audience will be actively listening to what you’re saying.

Listen in to hear about the best pitch Martin has ever heard, and what made it so impactful in just 3 words.  Martin is on a mission to help everyone to enjoy pitching, and this is a fun session with loads more brilliant insights to simplify your storytelling and give you confidence next time you pitch.


Francisco Mahfuz Storytelling YouTube:

About Martin Barnes

Martin is a crocodile wrestler and pitch coach who provides coaching and consulting to help businesses and start ups.  He has worked with an impressive list of clients, has written CEO conference talks, created investor decks, developed brand stories and much more.  From his 20 years of experience in design, film and advertising pitching to clients, Martin believes that every time you increase your value as a professional it is because you are pitching.  His business is about helping you to enjoy pitching and be successful in the spotlight.

Contact Martin:     


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