026 The Future of Self Employment

Today we share with you our thoughts on the future of self-employment, and some emerging issues that might affect working in this way.  Firstly, it has to be said that now seems to be a really good time to seriously consider setting up because there are serious shortages in some sectors, businesses are looking to cut their overhead costs and ethics have moved up the agenda with many wanting to buy local and support their local community.  And don’t forget the gig economy too – this is flourishing and well worth checking out how you could use this as an opportunity to work how, where and when you want.

There are some emerging issues for self-employed people, including:

  • New tax compliance checks required for taxi drivers and private hire vehicle drivers;
  • Potential tax and NIC changes for self-employed are being broached by the government;
  • Possible changes to self-employed accountancy rules regarding taxable profit.

Here at IWORK we will lobby government on your behalf and keep you informed of all developments which might affect how you choose to work independently.

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