027 Rowen Kimpton’s Success Story – COVID As A Catalyst

Today we’re chatting to the amazing Rowen Kimpton, IWORK’s July 2021 Champion of the Month!  He founded Grounded Circus in 2018 whilst doing his degree, studying at Circomedia, a renowned circus school in Bristol.  His business has gone from strength to strength and in just 3 years Grounded Circus are already known as providing the best circus performers within their industry.  Rowen joins us from a field in Yorkshire (he’s on tour currently) to chat about how he created so much success so early on, including:

  • How COVID was a catalyst that catapulted the business to success;
  • How informal beginnings and doing what you love can lead to amazing results;
  • Working with others to share the load and enable you to play to your strengths;
  • Don’t listen to the doubters – you have nothing to lose by giving your passion a chance!
  • Why you must look after yourself and prioritise your wellbeing alongside juggling your business.

Rowen still doesn’t think of himself as a businessman, but he has a 20+ year plan – sounds like a business strategy to us!  His passion and determination has clearly led to brilliant results so far, and we are convinced there is an even more successful future ahead for Grounded Circus.

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