034 Cyber Security Essentials For Your Business

Did you know that hackers are usually on your system for 250 days before you even realise it?  This is plenty of time for them to gather critical business information and if you are self-employed you are not immune to attack!  In fact you are an ideal target for hackers according to todays guest Francis West, a man on a mission to educate and protect people from cyber-threats.

This is an entertaining episode in which we take a light-hearted approach to a technical subject and make it easy to understand.  We’re talking about:

  • How a hacker changed invoice payee details and stole thousands;
  • Five key areas to take action in order to protect yourself;
  • Why you need a solution that monitors behaviour as well as cyber threats themselves;
  • Reputational damage from an attack can be massive, you can’t put a figure on it;
  • Ransomware attacks have increased in the last 12 months by 387%

Every second there are 4 new unknown cyber threats hitting the planet, so it’s no wonder cyber attacks are on the increase.  As Francis says, we deserve to be safe but only if we take action.


How long will it take to crack your password – howsecureismypassword.net

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About Francis West

His mission is to educate and protect over 1m people from cyber security threats by 2023.  He’s been in the IT for many years, and with the huge increase in cyber security threats around the world, Francis now specialises in helping companies and individuals to protect their valuable data.  When Francis takes a rare day off from tackling cyber villains, you can find him working closely with Banks, Councils, Cyber Police, WCIT, speaking in the UK and internationally, or building projects from old pallets.

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