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Ageism Is Rife In Recruitment – Employers Must Act!

It’s National Older Workers Week, and according to 55/Redefined there’s a lot of work to be done.  Their latest report reveals some shocking truths from over 4,000 people aged 50 or higher, here are jus a few:

  • 65% believe that their age will work against them in applying for a new role;
  • 30% of those that have retired, felt forced to do so;
  • 1 in 5 feel they have been overlooked for promotion due to their age;
  • 89% of over-55s would take a drop in salary to retrain in a different sector;
  • Almost half of the UK’s workforce will be aged 50+ within the next two years.

Despite these facts, a huge 67% of businesses said they have no intention to report on age as a diversity measure in future!

While progress has been made across other diversity and inclusion measures, age is falling by the wayside and it’s not just morally wrong, but fiscally irresponsible. In a struggling economy, awash with job vacancies, the over-50s could solve the UK’s talent problems, but action needs to be taken.

We need to portray older people much more positively, and challenge our preconceived misperceptions of them.  According to Lyndsey Simpson, Founder & CEO of 55/Redefined, “Ageism is burning a hole in UK workplaces, and while over-50s are shaking off the bus pass, seeking purpose and fulfilment or even carving out their own side hustles, the mindset, vibrancy and health of this age group has completely changed. And yet, the relationship between this generation and the employment market is broken.  It’s crucial to empower this important workforce to choose unretirement!”

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