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Amazon Loses Attempt To Stop Drivers Seeking Employment Rights

Amazon attempted to stop three lawsuits by delivery drivers seeking employment rights, however in a ruling just published a judge said the cases should proceed.

Drivers, who are currently classified as self-employed independent contractors, are seeking holiday pay, national minimum wage, the right to an employment contract, breach of contract and unauthorised deductions from wages.

Currently, drivers make deliveries on behalf of Amazon via the companies’ ‘Delivery Service Partners’ (DSPs) and, because of this, Amazon suggests drivers have no possible course of action against the online retailer.

However, the claims are being brought against Amazon because of the alleged close control and monitoring that the online retailer has over the delivery process, with the DSPs simply enforcing Amazon’s instructions, according to legal firm Leigh Day.

Kate Robinson, a solicitor in the employment team at Leigh Day, said:

“This is a huge success for the drivers we represent. Amazon is a multinational company and Leigh Day believes it is using a complex structure of arrangements to deny delivery drivers the employee rights we believe they should be entitled to.

“Leigh Day has always argued that, because of the reality of how the drivers work, including the standards drivers have to meet, and the way they fit into Amazon’s business, drivers are not genuinely self-employed independent contractors.

“Amazon needs to recognise the value of the drivers delivering on their behalf and give them the rights we believe they are entitled to.”

More than 2,000 drivers have now joined the legal action against Amazon being brought by Leigh Day.


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