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Free Childcare Option Being Trialed By Uber

Uber trials offering it’s drivers free childcare in a bid to encourage more parents to join their driver workforce.   The minicab app platform announced it is offering 10 hours of free childcare for 1,000 of its UK drivers as childcare costs are a “barrier” for women joining the company.

Opportunities for the highest earnings are usually at weekends and evenings, but childcare commitments prevent some parents from working at those times.  Their drivers earn on average £34 per hour in London or £30 per hour elsewhere.

Tania Naseer, who has been driving with Uber for four years, said: “As a single mother with children aged 10, six and five, I used to spend money on childcare to allow me to drive when earnings were the highest, like late night airport trips.

“But childcare is harder to access for me now, so I will be making the most of this new Uber pilot which will also help me as I study for a degree in biomedical sciences.”

Uber’s free childcare will be provided through on-demand app Bubble.  The company said it will discuss the impact of the programme with recipients before deciding whether to expand it to more drivers.

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