GMB Union To Launch Legal Action Against Bolt

GMB Union has announced it will launch legal action against the platform-based private hire firm Bolt.  Proceedings will be lodged with the Employment Tribunal in London on behalf of drivers over their classification as self-employed workers.  According to GMB, Bolt continues to use a bogus self-employment model, denying drivers sick pay, pension rights and other benefits.

Within 24 hours of the threatened legal action, Bolt announced new terms that allows for licensed private hire drivers to substitute their work to another driver.  GMB accuse Bolt of putting in place a ‘bogus substitution model’.  Bolt’s announcement about the new contractual terms has since been removed from their website.

Mick Rix, GMB national officer said: “Drivers deserve holiday pay, pensions and earnings compliant with National Living Wage.  This announcement guarantees none of those things. Bolt bosses have got fat on the exploitation of drivers – that will soon come to an end.”

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