HMRC Names Latest Tax Avoidance Schemes – December 2023

HMRC has published an update to their list of named tax avoidance schemes and promoters, with the following additions:

  • Griffith Anderson Limited
  • Purple Pay Limited  (added on 7 December)
  • Rainbowpay Ltd

They have also updated the information they list for Bluemoore Associates Ltd.

HMRC’s list keeps on growing, in a never-ending cycle.  And it will never end too, because named schemes are removed after they have been on the list for 12 months.  Meaning that the more promoters added, the more there are coming out of the woodwork still to be added.  So whilst it is a good starting point, our advice is don’t rely on solely on HMRC’s list as it will never be comprehensive.

As a general rule, you should always be sceptical of any ‘umbrella’ or similar business that is offering you a larger taken home pay that you would receive through standard payroll.  In addition, please ensure that you regularly check your personal tax account with HMRC to ensure that they are receiving appropriate tax and NICs in relation to your income.

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