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HMRC Names Tax Avoidance Schemes

HMRC have added three more to their ‘name and shame’ list of tax avoidance schemes. They are:

  • Novus Consultants Limited ( formerly Novus Ltd) (NOL) / Contractor Corner Accounting Limited (CCA)
  • Paybox Umbrella Limited
  • T2 Outsourcing Limited

Those already listed were:

  • Absolute Outsourcing
  • Peak PAYE Limited
  • Purple Pay Limited / Equity Participation Scheme
  • Saxonside Limited

So there are now seven on HMRC’s list.  Whilst this is only a tiny proportion given the number of the schemes out there, it’s good to see the list being updated.  This is the 3rd version since  the list was first published in April 2022.

However one person responding to our LinkedIn post was critical of HMRC, saying “Why are they added to a LIST if they are doing something wrong then close them down.  Leaving them running just puts others at risk, I actually did not know there was a LIST.”

We couldn’t agree more!  We can only hope that publishing the list is an interim measure whilst HMRC gather sufficient evidence to take down these schemes once and for all.

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