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HMRC’s Bizarre Self-Assessment Helpline Saga Rumbles On

HMRC is fast becoming a laughing stock with their self-assessment phone helpline shenanigans!  Not only did they close it to most of their customers during their peak time for the service, in doing so shunning over 4m self-employed people, they announced a total closure of the helpline between 8 April – 30 September 2024.

Now HMRC have been forced to dramatically u-turn on the closure!  

Following a universal outcry, the Chancellor (Jeremy Hunt) told HMRC to ‘pause’ their plans.  This means that the self assessment helpline will remain OPEN between April and September.

The tax authority does look rather silly as the u-turn comes just 24 hours after HMRC announced their plans!

Rest assured the self-assessment helpline will be open throughout the year, although time will tell if they once again decide to redirect everyone online at peak time in January 2025!  We will keep you updated of all developments.


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