More Additions To HMRC’s List

Just a fortnight after it’s last version, HMRC has updated their list of ‘named tax avoidance schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers’.  The full list is now:

  • Absolute Outsourcing Limited
  • Contractorcare Limited
  • Countrywide Partners Limited
  • Gateway Outsource Solutions Limited
  • Industria PAYE Limited
  • Novus Consultants Limited
  • Paybox Umbrella Limited
  • PAYEme Limited
  • Peak PAYE Limited
  • Pure Invoicing Limited
  • Purple Pay Limited
  • Saxonside Limited
  • T2 Outsourcing Limited
  • UR Group Limited

The list first started being issued in April 2022, and now consists of 14 businesses.

We always update you on new additions because these arrangements are prevalent within the contracting sector as a means of paying less tax on earnings.  This list is not the full story by any stretch of the imagination, as there are several well known and very aggressive schemes missing.  Just because something is not listed does not mean it is therefore ok!

It’s all too easy to become embroiled in a tax avoidance scheme without even realising it, and not enough is being done to protect contractors from this.  Please ensure you understand how you are being paid, and regularly check your personal tax record with HMRC.


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