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New Umbrella Accreditation Launches – FORTIFY!

In response to industry demand, specialist payroll auditor launches exciting new PayePass Fortify Umbrella Accreditation. 

In the continued absence of government action to regulate the sector, there has been a proliferation of tax avoidance schemes in the umbrella industry. Alongside this non-compliant activity, other unethical behaviours – including skimming and the withholding of holiday pay – are also commonplace. Whilst some of these are legal, they are certainly not moral or acceptable.

Noticing that not enough is being done to call out poor practices in seemingly ‘compliant’ umbrellas, PayePass is taking matters into it’s own hands.

PayePass Fortify Umbrella Accreditation

Staying true to the PayePass mantra “there is nowhere to hide” the new Fortify Award is not just a tickbox exercise.  It’s an in-depth analysis that leaves no stone unturned to ensure successful umbrellas prove their compliance, transparency and ethical business practices.  Importantly, the assessment includes an actual and thorough ‘eyes on’ audit – it’s not enough to be shown a suite of documents and processes, PayePass demands to see them in action to know what is really happening in practice.

What is assessed?

During the audit, PayePass intensively examines all aspects of an umbrella company’s operations including corporate governance, compliance activity, the decisions behind payment/deduction calculations, financial processing, policies, legal principles, and the applicant’s business and commercial position.  All of these factors are assessed for compliance and potential misconduct.

In short, Fortify is an iron-clad standard that ensures umbrellas are providing lawful services and treating contractors with the respect and integrity that you deserve.

About PayePass 

PayePass is on a mission to protect contractors from dubious practices that put them at financial risk, and already guarantees ZERO tax avoidance, evasion, mini-umbrella fraud, skimming or holiday pay misconduct taking place within PayePass Verified umbrellas and agencies.  In the continued absence of government intervention to raise standards in the sector, PayePass is taking matters into it’s own hands through it’s PayePass Fortify Umbrella Accreditation.

Want to know more?

There is clearly demand for an independent audit that truly scrutinises and truly delivers – when PayePass says an umbrella is compliant you can be assured that it really is.  For more details check out the website here.

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