Recruitment Fails Those With Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Recruitment needs to be fairer to people from all backgrounds according to a study which revealed a systemic failure in the finding and nurturing of talent.  In a survey of 2,200 people, over 50% of job seekers from low socioeconomic backgrounds said that they feel overlooked in the jobs market compared to their peers.

According to the research, undertaken by an EdTech start-up called Forage, finding a job after college is not an equal journey for everyone.  54% of the study participants identified as minority ethnic, 30 percent reported as being either a refugee, asylum seeker or migrant and 83 percent stated that they attended non-fee paying schools in the UK.  When asked what employers should be doing, they said:

  • Incorporate blind interviews into the recruitment process – with no names or questions about ethnicity
  • Provide more skilling opportunities for those from low socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Transition away from an over-reliance on hires from so-called “Russell Group” universities to level the playing field

Forage CEO and co-founder Tom Brunskill said employers need to solve problems rather than ignore them: “It is time to recognise that industry can accept its responsibilities as a manager of economic opportunities and play an influential role in promoting social mobility.”

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