Second Jobs And Side Hustles Sought

Increasing economic uncertainty and rising fuel costs are causing money worries across the globe, with research by Adecco Group showing three in five (61%) people are worried that their income is not high enough to cover their outgoings.  This is making more than half (51%) of workers more likely to look for a second job, with nearly four in 10 non-desk workers (35%) admitting to having worked cash-in-hand jobs to make ends meet.

The findings show a clear need for companies to focus on retention solutions; given almost a third of workers globally (27 per cent) say they intend to quit their job within the next 12 months. Of those, almost half (45%) are actively looking, and many expect to find another job within six months due to the high number of vacancies.

Valerie Beaulieu-James, Adecco Group’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, said: “To avoid workers feeling the temptation to quit, companies must put a strong work-life balance front and centre, as this will make a difference for those workers who are on the fence between staying or leaving.  Now is the time for companies to invest in their workforce, with reskilling employees and empowering managers to reinvigorate a clear workplace purpose that will motivate all workers, wherever they are.”


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