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Temps Will Be Entitled To Request More Stable Work

A new law will entitle all workers in the UK, including temporary agency workers, the right to request a more predictable working pattern.  This has been under discussion for some time, and the draft legislation has received Royal Assent, meaning that the King has agreed it will become an Act of Parliament (law) in due course.

What is really exciting is that the new legislation has a section that is specific for agency workers!  Yes, temporary agency workers have been thought about before a new law is brought in, which makes a nice change!

So is the new law any good?  Yes, we certainly think so.  Once the new law is in place, you will be able to request a more stable work pattern which could relate to hours of work, days of work, or period of engagement.  You would apply to your agency or end-hirer, and they may only reject your application on one of the following grounds:

  • the burden of additional costs;
  • detrimental effect on ability to meet customer demand;
  • detrimental impact on the recruitment of staff;
  • detrimental impact on other aspects of the temporary work agency’s or hirer’s business;
  • insufficiency of work during the periods the agency worker proposes to work;
  • planned structural changes;
  • such other grounds as the Secretary of State may specify by regulations.

You will be able to appeal any decision, and even take them to tribunal if they have not adhered to the legislation.

It’s expected that the new law will come into effect in September 2024, and we will keep you informed of progress.


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