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The Great Reshuffle – Flexibility Is The Future

Coined as the “Great Reshuffle”, people are rethinking not only how they work, but why they work.  Flexibility and fulfilment are top priorities for workers everywhere, and they are ready to to make it happen.  Many people have already left seemingly stable or traditional careers in favour of “precarious” roles which bring them the flexibility and job satisfaction they crave.

Of course the pandemic has made us question whether or not so-called stable employment  is all it’s cracked up to be, and whether it really is any more stable than other ways of working.  For example the platform and gig economy is booming due to consumer demand, and workers are enjoying the flexibility offered.  And recent history suggests that this way of working might actually be more stable than traditional employment.

LinkedIn asked more than 500 executives in the US and UK what they’re thinking about work today, tomorrow, and beyond.  Most say that offering hybrid, remote and flexible working options is how they will operate going forwards.  The long-term benefits are clear:

  • Two-thirds (66%) of leaders are confident that hybrid, flexible, and remote working will usher in a more diverse workforce.
  • Over half (58%) are optimistic that flexibility will be good for both people and business.

LinkedIn’s study found that two-fifths (39%) of leaders are still struggling to find qualified talent for open roles, though they believe that offering greater flexibility will help.  Being able to offer roles which are not constrained by geography and location of available talent opens up an unrestricted pool of potential workers.  Additionally, over half (56%) of leaders say flexibility will appeal to a broad range of people who need it the most, such as those with caregiving responsibilities.

Businesses that do prioritise their workers’ needs will be more likely to retain them; LinkedIn found that those who are satisfied with their flexible work options are:

  • 3.4x more likely to successfully balance work and personal obligations;
  • 2.6x more likely to be happy working for their employer;
  • 2.1x more likely to recommend working for their employer.

For some people the Great Reshuffle means looking for a new job.  In April 2021, LinkedIn data showed that two-thirds of the workforce have either left their job or are considering it.  If that’s you, then check out this fantastic free resource help you.


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