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Two More Tax Avoidance Schemes Named By HMRC

HMRC has just added two companies to their list of ‘named tax avoidance schemes’.  The two new additions are:

  • Acacia Resourcing Services Limited  (company number 12302211)
  • Marquee Ltd  (company number 11477273)

Please note that there are few companies in the sector with similar names, so always check their company registration number which should be listed on their website.

Although we have recently gone on record as saying HMRC’s list is a farce as it removes named companies after 12 months, we are still committed to keeping you informed of their updates.  If by doing this we can prevent just one person getting embroiled in a scheme then we’re happy with that.

In case you aren’t sure, the schemes on HMRC’s list will usually result in a large tax bill for YOU personally, the worker or contractor that has signed up to the scheme.

You might not even know you are in a scheme!
You might have been told to join a scheme in order to get work!
You might think you have proof (e.g. a potentially fake payslip) that tax has been paid!

None of these points matter to HMRC, they will pursue YOU for the debt anyway.

Please be careful when choosing how you get paid.  Be naturally suspicious.  Remember that schemes often pay recruitment firms to refer you to the scheme.  Just because your agency suggests a company doesn’t mean it’s compliant.

If you aren’t sure about something, email us

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