GMB Union To Launch Legal Action Against Bolt

GMB Union has announced it will launch legal action against the platform-based private hire firm Bolt.  Proceedings will be lodged with the Employment Tribunal in London on behalf of drivers over their classification as self-employed workers.  According to GMB, Bolt continues to use a bogus self-employment model, denying drivers sick pay, pension rights and other […]

Gig Economy ‘Fairness’ Ratings Published

Some 4.4 million people rely on gig economy platforms for at least part of their income, a figure that has more than doubled between 2016 and 2021.  This growing sector is controversial with concerns that workers are being exploited or treated unfairly, so academic group Fairwork has independently analysed five fairness aspects of the most […]

Gig Workers To Be Taxed At Source In Ireland?

According to The Times, Ireland’s Revenue wants to tax workers in the gig economy as soon as they are paid.  These workers obtain their gigs through online platforms and apps such as Deliveroo and Uber, and the platforms would be responsible for deducting tax on each transaction before workers receive their pay. Under the plan, […]

Rising Fuel Prices Severely Affect Gig Workers

Fuel prices have reached a historic high in the UK, so we should spare a thought for all of the gig economy workers who are suffering as a result.  Gig workers who drive for a living, for example private hire vehicles, couriers, food takeaway deliverers, have no option but to absorb these higher costs in […]

Rest Centres Needed For Gig Economy Night Workers

As our economy is increasingly 24:7 more people are working night shifts, often in the gig economy, and these important workers are often forgotten when it comes to measures to support peoples wellbeing.  While they keep the economy running, these workers also experience very limited access to infrastructures offered by the cities. The Guardian reports […]

Ride-Hailing App’s Operating Model Is Unlawful

The High Court has declared Uber’s business model in which the app platform acts only as an agent to a ‘contract’ between driver and passenger, unlawful.  This means that Uber, not individual drivers, will enter into contracts directly with passengers and will be held liable. This is the latest in a string court of cases […]

HMRC Should Better Advise & Support Gig Workers

In response to a government call for evidence, the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) have pointed out a number of flaws in how individuals working in the gig and sharing economies are taxed.  Currently, they are expected to fit within the Self Assessment tax system, i.e. be responsible for declaring their taxable income annually […]

Glovo Announce “Courier Pledge” To Protect Workers

Multinational delivery company Glovo (headquartered in Spain) has announced a Couriers Pledge aimed at improving conditions for their self-employed riders.  In their pledge, Glovo has committed to ensuring fair conditions for every courier by 2023. The company recognises that the gig economy represents a significant source of income for couriers and wants to provide equality […]

Spiralling Gig Economy Engages 4.4m Workers Each Week

The number of people working for gig economy platforms has near-tripled in England and Wales over the past five years, according to new research published by the TUC today.  This amounts to 4.4 million people working for gig economy platforms at least once a week.  In addition, almost a quarter (22.6%) of workers have done […]