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International Standards Needed For Gig Economy

A global manifesto has been launched to campaign for fairer platform work and raise standards for workers in the gig economy.  Timed to coincide with the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) conference on Decent Work In The Platform Economy, the manifesto seeks to protect and ensure the rights of platform workers across the world.  Alongside the manifesto, the ILO is being urged to adopt a Convention on platform work to formally recognise this way of working and implement specific standards to meet the needs of platform workers.

Platform and gig economy work is an important livelihood for millions of workers around the world, often with more autonomy and flexibility than traditional forms of work.  However, this way of working can be underpinned by precarious work arrangements, low pay, poor working conditions, unfair management (by apps and data), and a lack of representation.

The Manifesto argues that fair conditions for platform workers are needed, and that there should be ILO international guidelines to ensure fair platform work standards in national statutory regulations and policies.  It also outlines challenges within the platform economy such as misclassification of employment status, low pay, health and safety risks, discrimination, non-transparent algorithmic management, and lack of representation and collective bargaining.

In short the manifesto is a call for international action to safeguard, support and protect gig and platform workers around the world.  It’s a no-brainer really.

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