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HMRC’s Latest Named Tax Avoiders, August 2023

HMRC has updated their list of named tax avoidance schemes and promoters, with the following additions:

ABC Umbrella Ltd
Dalespay Ltd
IP Global Consulting Ltd

The entries first published on 7 July 2022 have been removed from HMRC’s list as the only remain listed for 12 months.

HMRC started publishing their list of named tax avoidance schemes in April 2022, and we were initially a very keen supporter of it.  However a farcical arrangement has since become apparent whereby HMRC removes companies from the list after they have been on it for 12 months.  This means that it is never up to date, and the naming only lasts for 12 months after which the promoters have effectively got away with it.

Please remember that there are many more schemes out there so you can’t solely rely on HMRC’s list, but it is a good starting point.

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