Official Statistics Show Decline In Temporary Workers

Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics shows that the number of temporary employees in the UK fell by approximately 29,000 in the April-June 2023, compared to the January-March 2023 period.  Total employment fell by 66,000 jobs to 32.9 million during the same period, and the UK’s unemployment rate edged up to 4.2% from 3.9%.

In terms of temporary employees in the UK, the total was more than 1.6 million in April-June 2023.  In addition, temporary employees as a percentage of all employees was 5.7% in April-June 2023, down from 5.8% in the January-March quarter.

The ONS analysis also asked people why they are working as temps, and found the following:

  • 445,000 didn’t want a permanent job;
  • 350,000 said they couldn’t find a permanent job;
  • 172,000 had a contract with a period of waiting;
  • 656,000 cited some other reason.

The statistics also show a decline in job vacancies in the last quarter, but pay rose at its highest rate since 2021.

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